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IETester is an application that can be used by any web developer who wants to build a website and have it displayed properly in all the browsers on the market. Usually, there are no problems when doing this, except for the moments when Internet Explorer is the center of attention. Many features that are standard in other browsers are unavailable in this one and web devs must work harder in order to create a good looking website.

The tool is able to check compatibility issues starting with Internet Explorer 5.5 and finishing with Internet Explorer 10. Users can access each preview at a time or they can see minimized versions of each one, in parallel. When viewing each IE version at a time, users can make use of the classic “ribbon” of the browser in order to make the change towards the newer version of the application. This way, web developers can learn about the issues that the browser has and they can also discover new ways of adapting their work to this tool.

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