• Google Search Bar for Safari

Google Search Bar for Safari is a simple extension that provides quick access to the Google Search feature to users that work with Safari. This browser is able to accept many extensions at once and this one does not require too many resources in order to run. This allows users to easily work with it in order to perform their searches in an instant, without having to go to Google in order to look for something on the internet. The whole process is completed in an instant, just as the installation one.

Users can install the extension by simply double clicking on the downloaded file and then waiting for a few seconds. After this process is ready, users are able to see the Google Search bar displayed in the upper area of the screen. They have the possibility to hide it whenever they do not want to use it and they can simply get it back by hovering or clicking the remaining button. Then, they just have to type in or copy-paste the search term they want to look for an a new Google results page will open.

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