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Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers on the market nowadays and users have many reasons to choose this app while browsing the internet. The utility has a minimal interface that features only a few buttons in the upper area of the screen, along with the search bar, which acts both as an address and a Google search bar. Widgets can be integrated with this app and they are discretely added to the tool.

This browser manages to achieve some of the best loading times for different pages, regardless of their content and add-ons. Multiple tabs can be opened and users have the option to switch between them with ease or detach one and open a new browser window. A bookmark bar can be added under the address bar and here, users can place their most accessed websites to have them within a mouse click’s reach.

In order to users to have a better experience while browsing the internet with Google Chrome, they can also use themes, not just extensions. There are countless of them and filters can be used to narrow down the search results. An incognito mode is also available for users who want to browse without recording the entries in the history of the app.

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