• Firebug Lite for Safari

Firebug Lite for Safari is the lightweight version of the well known extension designed for users who want to improve their understanding of various front-end elements of a site. This application is able to provide users the full source code that makes a web page to be displayed within the browser. The internal code is not available, but the elements used in order for the front-end site design to be displayed are clearly seen and users that are interested in web development can learn a thing or two while using this tool.

The extension is installed with ease and afterwards, users receive quick access to the console, which can be toggled with the aid of a single key, which is usually an F one. Users have the possibility to explore the contents of a web page in terms of design and they can inspect any element of a page. They can also edit and even remove any of these elements if they want to change the design of a page. However, this effect is only achieved locally and just until the page is reloaded.

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