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FFDShow MPEG4 Video Decoder is a codec pack designed for DIVX movies that users might want to play on their computers. The utility is installed in a matter of seconds and afterwards, users have the possibility to control different settings of it, in order to experience the best video quality with the minimum resource usage. There are options specially designed for the CPU usage, which can be reduced without altering the quality of the video or the playback speed, so no stuttering will appear.

Decompression of various files is achieved instantly so there are no buffering times and users can also navigate through the video at their own pace. Images are post-processed and there are multiple settings that can be changed here in order to increase the quality of the video. A sharpening filter is also available so that users have the option to increase the quality of fuzzy images.

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Size :
4.5 MB

Version :
1.3 Rev4515

System :
Windows All

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0 €

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