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Feedly for Safari is a RSS feed reader designed as a browser extension for the popular Safari browser. It is not difficult to install this utility, as its installation process is similar to that of any other extension that has been previously installed. After double clicking the file that has been downloaded, users just have to be patient and wait for a few seconds, until the utility has been installed. Then, they can access its features by pressing on the newly placed button in the upper area of the interface.

From there, they can set up all of their preferences related to the feeds they want to read. They might want to add one or more websites and then give them custom names; all of this is possible in an instant. The feeds can be quickly added to the list of the utility and users can receive notifications whenever the feeds are updated. Thus, they can open the feed and read a plain text version of the articles they are interested in. Then, if they want an enhanced experience, they can visit the source website.

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