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Fast Browser Pro is a simple browser that allows users to benefit from different functions while using only a low amount of resources. Thanks to its architecture, the utility is able to open as much as 180 tabs at the same time and users will be able to easily switch between them. In order for each user to find exactly what it wants, this tool can work with no less than five hundred search engines, each of them being selected in the options tab of the app.

Casual Surfing is another feature of this utility, that is able to grab information from funny websites around the internet. Thus, each time a tab with this option is opened, a new website will be displayed. Download settings allow users to define standard folders for each file format or category they work with, so that images are separated from documents and so on. Multiple websites can be configured to open when the browser is launched.

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1.6 MB

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Windows All

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Fast Browser

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0 €

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