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  • ExpertSec Malware Detection Engine

ExpertSec Malware Detection Engine is an application designed to help users who need to find out if malware is present on their computers. This kind of infection is really dangerous as it can affect personal data and it needs to be dealt with immediately. However, in order for users to remove malware, they are firstly required to do an inspection of their PC and find out if such a threat is present.

The utility does not need to be installed and it runs as a simple executable file. However, it contains all the needed things for users who want to know if malware is present on their computer. The application has a simple interface that makes it easy for everyone to get through the functions that are offered. The scanning process can be started in just a few seconds and depending on the files that need to be scanned, it might take several minutes to complete. Afterwards, users can see all of the files that have been infected and they can take action in order to prevent the infection from spreading even further.

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Windows 2K / XP / Vista / 2003

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