• ERNT Flash Antivirus 2010

ERNT Flash Antivirus 2010 is a protection measure designed for flash drives. These portable devices are susceptible to threats and they can easily get infected. Moreover, a virus can be spread to any computer that receives the flash drive within a USB port. This application is designed to prevent such events as it is a reliable solution for users who need to actively protect their USB flash drives without being required to scan them when they are connected to a PC.

This utility is a stand-alone one and it can work with all sorts of flash drives, regardless of their size and format. Moreover, it does not require any external files in order to work and it can detect and remove viruses without stressing the flash drive. The utility has a simple working process and users can run it at any time if they want to see more statistic. However, the app is able to work on its own and remove any threat that might appear on the flash drive. Then, it is able to notify the user and even to create a log file.

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Size :
43.2 MB

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System :
Windows 2K / XP / Vista / 7 / 2003

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Fozisoft Inc

Price :
29.99 €

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