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DuckDuckGoBar is a simple extension designed for Safari users who want to increase the security of their browsers. The application is not intrusive and even if it is a toolbar, it can be minimized so that it does not occupy space when it is not actively used. This does not happen too often, because the toolbar is a search engine and people mostly check the results that they search for instead of typing new queries. Whatever would be the case, the utility is able to do its job with ease.

The extension can be installed with ease by anyone who wants to benefit from increased privacy when browsing the internet. It takes just a few seconds for the application to be installed and afterwards, the toolbar will be visible in the upper area of the screen. There, users can type in their query and in a blink of an eye, a new tab with the results will appear. The website used is that of DuckDuckGo, which provides users a safe environment in which they can type in search queries and visit websites without being tracked.

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