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DriveSentry GoAnywhere is a simple application designed to be used in order to protect USB flash drives from threats that might appear every now and then. Such devices are prone to infections and they can spread one to multiple computers with ease, but there are ways to prevent this. The current utility is a stand-alone app that does not have an installation process and it features a single executable file. However, it can actively protect not only flash drives, but also one’s computer.

Given its small size, the tool is designed to work with an online database in order to discover threats. The application can be used with ease thank to this feature and it can be allowed to automatically connect to the database in order to quickly scan the contents of the flash drive. The tool is designed to compere the online information about files with the one available on the drive in order to discover if there are any threats. Thus, users are able to discover if there are any threats on their USB flash drives.

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Size :
1.5 MB

Version :

System :
Windows 2K / XP / Vista / 2003

Editor :
DriveSentry Inc

Price :
10.00 €

Licence :

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