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DCBass Source Mod is an application that can extend the functionality of multiple audio players. This tool has a simple interface and there are several parameters that can be edited in order to benefit from a higher audio quality. The main feature of this app, compared to others available on the market, is that the current one does not only provide support for the usually encountered formats, but also for rarer ones which do not have native support.

Users can open MO3, UMX or XM song files, but they can also work with different streams, such as Shoutcast ones. Unlike other apps of the same kind, this one does not have to be uninstalled in order to stop functioning. Users can work with the app whenever they want to and they can simply deactivate its function from the main menu when they want it to stop working.

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Size :
929 KB

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System :
Windows XP / XP 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit

Editor :
Reino Wijnsma

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0 €

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