• Cloudy for Safari

Cloudy for Safari is a good extension that can be installed with ease by any user who wants to easily know more information about local weather. The application comes in the form of a single file that is compatible with Safari and users just have to double click it in order to send it towards the browser and have it installed. This process takes just a few seconds to complete and afterwards, users are able to easily fine tune the utility in order to display their local weather.

The extension, in its basic form, features just a small button that displays the current temperature, either in Celsius or Fahrenheit, along with a small icon of the weather. This button allows users to expand the utility and see more details about the weather, such as the forecast for the next few days. There are no difficulties that can be encountered when users want to work with this app, as the update process is done automatically. They just have to specify a location and wait for the information to appear.

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