• BS.Player

BS.Player is one of the most well known video players on the market and it still manages to be one of the top ones. The application has a simple interface that is easily recognizable but there are also other themes available for the utility, too, them being available right within the tool’s options. There are also audio and video options so that users can enjoy the perfect media playback, based on their preferences.

An audio equalizer with ten tracks is available so that everyone can easily edit the sound output. However, there are also several presets available for novices that do not really understand the design of the equalizer. Playlists can be created with the aid of this app and they can also be saved with ease. Users just have to select the according option and then they have an easily accessible file that keeps playing from the last track that was played last time.

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Size :
10 MB

Version :
2.66 Build 1075

System :
Windows All

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0 €

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