• BPMStudio Pro

BPMStudio Pro is an application that provides a top quality environment for users who want to easily mix two songs at the same time and also add a series of great effects. The dark interface makes it easy to navigate through the options and although it seems cluttered, this is actually just an illusion. This is because half of the interface is the same in the other area of the screen, as users need identical controls for each of the songs that is added on a turntable.

Users can work with a single playlist or with two separate ones in order to easily add songs into the playing queue. There are various samples that can be combined with each of the songs and users have the option to add them in a loop and sync them with the beat in order to create an even flow. The effects can be added onto both songs at the same time so that users do not have to replicate the steps that have been performed.

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9.9 MB

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Windows All

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499.00 €

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