• AV Music Morpher Gold

AV Music Morpher Gold is an application that can be easily used by anyone who wants to create music, even at a party. The utility has a simple interface that provides quick access to all of the main features that one would need and users have the possibility to add their own customized toolbars in order to benefit more from the app. They have the possibility to edit each song individually in multiple ways.

Users can morph together two songs, hence the name of the application. Then, they have the possibility to easily add new samples to the mix and create a unique sound scheme. There are multiple effects and samples readily available and more of them can be added if users have them available. The tool can used even live, if users learn the basic shortcuts of the app and work with them. Thus, they can edit songs on the go while at a party and assume the roles of DJs. Voices can be extracted from a song in order to create karaoke tracks, too.

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Size :
12 MB

Version :

System :
Windows All

Editor :
AVSoft Corp.

Price :
49.97 €

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