• AutoPager for Safari

AutoPager for Safari is a good extension that can save users many clicks per day, especially if they are browsing websites that feature pages. When scrolling down the page, it is sometimes annoying to move the mouse once again to click on the next page button. However, the current application is able to remove this habit because it is able to automatically load pages. The extension does not require a high amount of resources and it runs flawlessly on multiple websites, so that users can benefit from the same high quality experience, even if they browse more than a single paged site.

The application features a series of small icons in the lower area of the browser’s interface that allow users to see when the page is prepared to be switched and the number of the pages that have been switched. Websites such as Twitter, Google and YouTube are optimized to work with the application and users can now enjoy an automatic page changing feature when searching through multiple search results, for example.

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