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AtomixMP3 is a tool that can work well in the hands of an amateur or professional DJ that wants to edit and mix songs together. The application does not require too many resources so that users can install it on a laptop and carry it at a party to show off their skills. A feature that makes this tool better than other competitors on the market is the beat matching one. A special algorithm is able to match the beats on two different songs and this makes mixing much easier and provides an overall quality that is higher than when a manual syncing is done.

The utility features a simple interface that provides quick access to the main features. Moreover, the application allows users to work with each turntable individually in order to mix each one separately. However, beat syncing can be activated anytime the user needs it by pressing a single key. In fact, many features of this tool can be activated by pressing various keys.

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Size :
3.3 MB

Version :

System :
Windows All

Editor :
Atomix Productions

Price :
129.00 €

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