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  • Advanced x64Components for Windows 7 and 8

Advanced x64Components for Windows 7 and 8 is an application designed for users of MediaCenter. This application is really simple to install and configure and it is destined for the latest operating system versions of Windows. Various errors might appear when a user tries to play certain video formats that are not supported and now all of them can be removed. Users have the option to install all of their missing codes and have them integrated within the OS. Of course, during the installation process, users can choose specifically everything they want installed.

The most important feature of this application is the FLAC playback capabilities. MediaCenter, on its own, is not able to process this audio file format. This is why there is the need of an external decoded that can work with these files and provide users whatever they need when it comes to FLAC files. Thus, they are able to enjoy the highest audio quality.

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20.9 MB

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Windows 7 64 bit / 8 64 bit

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