• Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is one of the many applications offered by Adobe to users who want a professional environment in which they can work. This utility is designed for those that are music creators or editors and it provides them a series of various features which can be used with ease in order to achieve all the needed tasks. The interface of this tool might seem imposing, as it has a lot of different areas that contain tools and information, but after users get the hang of the first features, they will have a much easier time with the remaining ones.

The app is perfect for those that want to perform precise editing processes as the zooming feature can work towards really close details. A selection can be edited in multiple ways or even exported altogether towards a new project. There are hundreds of different effects that can be altered individually before they are applied onto the selection. Then, users can quickly remove the effect or edit it if the previous settings were not good enough.

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Size :
308 MB

Version :
CC 6.0 Build 732

System :
Windows 7 64 bit / 8 64 bit

Editor :

Price :
19.99 €

Licence :

Downloads :

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