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AdBlock for Safari is one of the most popular extensions available for this browser, especially because its special functionality. The application is able to completely clean up websites and have any advertisement removed. This is useful nowadays because many websites now feature all sorts of annoying adds that might pop over or under the page of interest and they are quite a nuisance when it comes to closing them. Some ads might have sound and they are also really annoying. Now, all of these problems can become a thing of a past, thanks to the features of this extension.

By default, this application will block all of the ads on websites, so that users can enjoy a clean browsing experience from the first moment after the installation. However, there is also the possibility to create white lists that are permanent or to temporarily allow a site to display ads. A white list can hold as many websites as users want to and all of the advertisements that the site has will be displayed. However, certain ads can be removed individually, for an even better sorting feature.

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