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A123 Health MP3 is an application designed to edit MP3 files in a few ways. First of all, users can notice that this utility has a really simple interface that aims to keep everything as simple as possible. Thus, users can quickly find all the features they need. The tool is built to optimize MP3 songs that sometimes have too high pitches that might be harmful to one’s ears.

Especially when using headphones, these high-pitched sounds might be a problem and this utility is able to fix this issue. The application works best with 192kbps sound files as it can easily alter the pitch of the problematic sounds. In a matter of seconds, an MP3 file can be optimized and users can quickly play it and see the difference. Moreover, this app is also able to provide batch processing tools. Thus, users can add a complete folder into the application in order to have its songs processed.

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Size :
3.6 MB

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System :
Windows All

Editor :
A123 Software

Price :
19.99 €

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